Thank you for visiting my site. Making decisions isn't tough, it's finding the information to make the right decision that's often the challenge. I hope the material  here can provide you with enough data to make a "right"  decision that benefits us both. 

I have Programming and/or Morning Drive experience in News/Talk,  Urban, Adult Urban, Jazz and Top 40 formats in small, medium and large markets. I've been involved in all aspects of Programming, Marketing, Music Research, Sales and Promotions. I specialize in problem solving, data acquisition, analysis, administrative documentation and presenting results. 

I've had the pleasure of working with some of the top strategic minds in the business including Coleman Insights Vice President Chris Ackerman, Charlie Sislen of the Research Director and Catherine Jung Senior Vice President of DMR Marketing. 

I'd like the opportunity to tell you more about my work experience and how my skill set could contribute to the successful day to day running of your operation.  Strong references are available at your request.